Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Gear List for Camp

Here is the gear list for camp. Use the extra time over the holidays to get all your things ready and ask to borrow things such as sleeping bags if needed. Do not bring your best clothes/gear etc - we will be busy and dirty!

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8th of Feb
Mrs. Goodier
Christ the King
Catholic School

Dear Mrs. Goodier,
My name is Naimah. I live in Mt. Albert, Auckland near Pak ‘n’ Save.Screenshot 2017-03-25 at 9.23.18 PM.png

The facilities in my area are written down below:
  • Mt. Albert Aquatic Centre
  • Mt. Albert lounge
  • Anderson Park
  • Rocket Park
  • St. Lukes Mall

There many sets of shops in this area so it's hard to name all of them but here are some of them:Image result for Mt. albert NZ
  • Barfoot and Thompsons
  • New North Pharmacy
  • Post Centre Plus
  • Pak ‘n’ Save
  • Ray White

There also quite a lot of schools in Mt. Albert like Marist Primary School, Marist College, MAPS etc.
Thank you for your time, From Naimah

An important part of my community is……

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